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Easy Solutions offers an innovative way of psychology usage in business environment. It acts as an advisor and strategic help in planning, selection and development of human resources, while assisting clients to reach their goals. The key stone represents the exact identification of the client’s needs and the following implementation of the Easy Solutions´ attitude that fully corresponds to the client’s submission. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals – psychologists experienced in both occupational and clinical psychology, and offers the connection of these to spheres of psychology in order to ensure the active growth of the client´s business according to his/her needs and submission. The transparency of the whole process in all the project phases enables Easy Solutions a constant contact with current submitter’s needs, including their participation in the implementation as a partner. Easy Solutions´ utmost interest lays in the quality of provided service and ethics of the work. The long-term business relationship is considered as sacred and of the greatest importance. The basis for obtaining accurate results and relevant outputs creates application of adequate professional psychodiagnostic methods. Easy Solutions owns the certified licenses of tests used for gaining a complex applicant´s profile – intellect, personality, profession, managerial presumption, ability to learn, dealing with stress, social competency etc. The modern methods used by the Easy Solutions´ experts comprise the ability tests, performance tests, personality questionnaires as well as projective psychodiagnostic methods including the interview.

The form of the Easy Solutions´ work outputs is practical and can be used for an immediate decision making or everyday operations. The outputs are introduced to the submitters in a comprehensible way in both written and oral form in the context of a complex analysis that maximizes the advantages and opportunities, and minimizes the faults and threats. The particular suggestions that differ in structure of applied tools, depth, focus, time and economic intensity, as well as in the final output, will be designed after the agreement with the client and his/her demands specification. Our consultants are able to flexibly respond to the specific client’s wishes and suggest a solution tailored to his needs.

We offer:

Psychological testing and processing of a complex expert psychological report for individuals or groups is an effective tool for gaining objective information necessary for the support of an employer’s qualified decision making in the key phases of development of the organization. Psychological testing presents effective solution for selection and admission of employees, but also for assessment of their occupational performances during the employment period (regarding planning of further education, career growth etc.) but also in situations when a firm undergoes a period of organizational changes due to acquisitions, interconnection or capacity reduction.

Assessment centre (AC) is a specific selection method, generally a one-day intense program, used for employee’s selection from a given number of applicants. Nowadays, it is the most thorough and accurate method of employees selection. While the Assessment Centre focuses on the selection, the Development Centre (DC) targets to further development of individuals, and provides a wider space for continuous feedback, including opinions and participant’s perceptions. The method of AC/DC represents a possibility of an overall insight into individual participants thanks to the presence of experienced evaluators who are assessing the candidates from different points of view and according to various criteria.

The 360 degree feedback method is applied not only in the occupational performance management but also in the field of education and development of executives and key workers. Contrary to the typical feedback provided by a senior worker, this method is more complex. It enables an insight into working behaviour of a selected individual not only by means of self-reflection and information of a superior colleague, but it also takes into account the perception of the co-participants, or in some cases the perception of external clients, and thus allows to understand his/her impact on the environment and his/her own performance in a more effective way. Having our own idea of perceiving ourselves together with the “remarks” and views from the others participants brings us closer to the knowledge of ourselves. It is considered as a part of the program of personal development and taken as a reliable method in assessment or occupational performance management. The 360 degree feedback method is also strongly connected with a social context, and provides valuable information. Further, it can be used for examination of team work skills, personnel management, self-management, way of management, decision making, art of communication etc.

Work satisfaction surveys are mainly applied in the fields with lack of top experts who may consider leaving to the competition from a wide range of reasons. In such case the company’s highest interest is to ensure a pleasant atmosphere at the working place and minimize the risk of loosing its expert employees.

Coaching can be described as a release of human potential, efficiency increase and the process of continuous client’s support in setting and reaching his professional and personal goals. At the same time, the coach leaves to the client the responsibility for the setting of goals and achievement of the final result. In case of working difficulties or doubts, distrust and intradepartmental competition often prevents from turning upon another member of the company management. An independent coach is able to reflect thoughts, evoke solutions and support the implementation as nobody else in the company. Coaching also means the optimisation of human potential and performance. The coach leads the client to the realization of the positive potential hidden in a certain problem and helps him/her to make a decision. The coach can also help with setting the goals based on the idea of long-term solution, including the fixing of realistic steps leading to its achievement in a creative, inspirational and motivating way.

Work consultancy offers a protective space in which the client can openly and in confidence speak about his/her problems at the presence of an expert. The client forms with an expert a unique relationship when exchanging their thoughts, feelings, behaviour or difficult life situations. There is a wide variety of problems which can be discussed and solved with the psychological adviser, e.g. problems with stress coping, problems connected with adaptation at the new work place, procrastination of task’s solutions, loss of motivation, emotional distemper or family or relationship problems. Consultancy, contrary to therapy, is provided for a shorter period, is not so intense and focuses on the solution of current situation.

Why to choose Easy Solutions:

  • Professional approach

  • Transparency during project solution

  • Professional experience with best references

  • Focus on individual client’s needs

  • Narrow specialization

  • Excellent knowledge of HR principles and trends

  • High ethic standards

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  • Implementation of suggested solutions into practice

  • Usage of proven methods bringing quality